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DZQ1000SD Deep chamber Vacuum packing machine
DZQ1000/SD Deep chamber vacuum packing machine
Main Technical parameters 
*Sealing size:1000mm×1+500mm×2;
*Size of the vacuum upper chamber:1060mm×700mm×280mm(Inner clear net);
*Size of the vacuum below chamber: 1000mm×550mm×200mm(Inner clear net);
*Vacuum pump:Germany LEYBOLD SV100B,Final vacuum 50Pa;
*Electrical control:Japanese controllig system Omron,human-machine interface、PLC,Japan SMC negative pressure switch,French schneider contactor 、Button、indicator light;
*Machine structure:single chamber、three sealing bars、automatic control lid,complete closed,AC tubular axial fan;
*Materials:304 Stainless;
*Pneumatic element:Taiwan Airtac;
*Process:Close the lid(Press the start key)、vacuum、air inflation、pressure bags、sealing、cooling、return air、Lid-opening;
*Votage/PowerAC380V 50Hz;
*Total power:4kw.
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