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DZ260 Table Top vacuum packaging machine vacuum sealer
Introduction DZ260 Table Top vacuum packaging machine vacuum sealer
Product Description
DZ-260 vacuum packaging machine is suitable for packing objects in small size,
as well as materials such as money,financial documents,vouchers etc. This package is set with the function of combing vacuum,sealing,peinting in one process and,for different packing materials and requirements,with the adjustable devices for the vacuum,hot-sealing temperature and time so as for the users to get optimum selection and adjustment for an optimum effect of packing.

1、Vacuum packer has a simple working principle.
2、Vacuum chamber close the cover,the vacuum pump is working.
3、Vacuum chamber begins to draw out vacuum,and the packing bag is vacuum at the same time.
4、Meantime vacuum table indicators increased,reaching rated vacuum (control by the time relay ISJ),and then vacuum pump stops working, and the vacuum stops.
Vacuum sealer has a simple working principle.

Technical details

Sealing bar length:260mm * 8mm
Sealing bar:1pc
Productivity:-4pcs per min
Vacuum speed:10m3/h
Chamber Size:380mm*280mm*90mm
Machine size:480mm*330mm*360mm

This is the standrand type of DZ260

Our vacuum packing machine advantange of this size 
1、Vacuum pump is more bigger then other supplier

2、Chamber is more bigger

3、Easy to control

Any more details required,kindly contact with
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