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DZ400 Table top vacuum sealervacuum packervacuum packing machine
-Main characters of table top vacuum sealer
*The machine body is all made by high quality stainless steel.
*Lid of see-throgh window made by safety glass.
*Operate easily step by step,friendly interface and easy to maintain.
*Small and convenient to move.
*Optional:gas flush.
-Main Technical parameters of DZ400 vacuum sealer
*Sealing bar--400mm*10mm
*Availabe chamber size--440mm*420mm*80mm
*Vacuum pump--XD020,20m3/hour
*Working cycle--3-4times/min
*Body material--Stainess steel

-It is widely used for the vacuum packing of various products to have a longer shelf time in food,pharmacy,agriculture,chemical,electronic industries.

Available products:granular,powdery,liquid,mushy food product,fruits,medicines,chemical products,electronic components,precise instrument,precious metals.

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