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Top pressor stretch film packing machine

Top pressor stretch film packing machine

1.Machine introduction:

a. Control system:

PLC Programming Controllerthe layer number of twisting number, the top height, reinforcement layer can be directly set on the panel.

Selected electrical control components, high reliability.

Photoelectric switch, since the dynamic measuring the height of the goods.

B. Table drive:

Dial 0 ~ 15 RPM speed variable frequency adjustable speed, wheel can be precise positioning.

Rotary table reset automatically after finishing the packaging, high pure steel wear-resisting material.

c. Film membrane frame systems:

Aluminum film frame, light stability.

Choose wear-resisting rubber roller, long service life.

Membrane frame power pre-stretching mechanism, the pre-tension can up to 250%.

Membrane frame rise ,fall and film feeding speed is adjustable.

The top and bottom wrapping number control separately.

Film system servo mechanism by pulling.

Lift column is double chain structure, stable and reliable.

D. Conveying system:

Conveyor speed: 12 m/min.

Transmission system: power transmission line can choose roller, chain, universal ball structure, etc.

2. Product use:

The machine use stretch wrap film as the main packaging materials, to wrap packaging the bulk cargo on pallets. Goods after winding packaging are more solid, beautiful, neat, and have waterproof, dust-proof, scattered, security, convenience into the shipment features, and so on.


1. The unmanned operation, automatic feeding, on film, winding, cutting film, film, discharge, storage, etc.

2. PLC programmable controller and touch screen man-machine dialogue.

3. automatic fault alarm.

4. Independent control cabinet, maintenance is convenient.

5. Powerful solid fuselage design, reasonable mechanical and electrical integration of the clever combination.

6. The operation is simple and durable.

7. Safe, stable and fast.


Product name

Pallet wrapping machine
Model  HB-PP
Power supply 110V,220V-240V/50-60Hz 180W
Turn-table diameter 1500mm
Turn-table thickness 85mm
speed of turn-table 0-12r/min
Percent of pre-stretch 250%
Machine color blue/yellow or gray blue
Machine Size 2650*1570*880mm

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